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Opening a retail location, Full or quick service Restaurant?

QSR's Whether you operate a pizzeria, burger bar or sandwich shop, you need a point of sale system that is easy-to-use, defines customer options and enhances promotional opportunities. Meal deals, upselling and customer loyalty are also on the to-do list for modern fast food establishments.

Restaurant and Bars Flexibility is at the heart of the POS requirements of any bar and restaurant venue. You need quick service at the bar, but sophisticated restaurant capabilities in the Restaurant. Reliability and security are critical. Adding new products, maintaining prices and managing promotions are all part of the back-office control required for your venue. Detailed sales and profit analysis and comprehensive inventory management are also a must.

Retail and convenience Versatility is vital for a convenience store point of sale solution. General stores, convenience and independent supermarkets need a high capacity POS that makes store management easier. Whether it be barcode scanning, weighed items or takeaway food – an effective Convenience POS system handles all of these requirements with ease. Control is also critical – retail shrinkage in this sector is a major factor, so price and inventory control, along with detailed sales data analysis, are important factors that improve efficiency.

Built for the Rigors of Retail.


Commercial quality made in Japan hardware combines with dedicated software to provide a seamless trouble free retail environment. NO WINDOWS UPDATES to screw up your system or leave you "down" in the middle of your day. Safe and secure from viruses and other security threats, Rock solid reliability. from power off to ready to use in 30 seconds. Solid state technology prevents failing fans and hard drives from taking you out of action.

Supports Table Mapping, QSR, Take out etc. Online ordering / customer loyalty app options available. 

Remote printing lets you split items between multiple kitchen and/or bar stations Integrate optional 

Kitchen Video to eliminate printed waste. Bump and recall orders. Optional debit / credit integration.

 Retail component supports bar code scanning , weighed items and much more...

Hardware by a trusted brand with 40 years experience in the POS market. Uniwell’s purpose-built touchscreen POS terminals have a reputation for being versatile, easy-to-operate and robust.

Full function reporting available at the till or with optional back office software

Edmonton area based Programming installation and support also available.