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This is a great item   10 port dock and charging station.  Six 1.0  amp usb ports and Four 2.4 amp quick charging ports.   4 micro usb cables included with extra 9 inch lightning and usb-c cables available.  

Minimize clutter and tangled wires. Eliminate the mess of usb cubes taking up every plug with a single power brick for up to ten devices at a time.

Reg. $69.99

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Joe Nitro can provide a wide array of services to help keep your business running and growing. In addition to our Featured services we can also offer diagnostics and repair to your existing hardware, extensive experience with Epson, Radiant, Hp, Elo,  NCR retail hardware, Berg liquor controls and harting vending systems .samsung phillips and LG displays  as well as Ishida and toshiba tec registers / scales .

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