Our Covid Response

Our Initial Response

*Our Official Response*

*Our Official Response*


 Apocalypse Repellent & Universal Solvent

 A Million and One Uses. Concentrated and Powerful Stuff

 First lets talk about the amazing solvent properties. 

Remove ink and sharpie from glass, metal, plastic, wood and most fabric. Great for fixing the 8 track tape player in your 78 Lincoln. 

Also works  on slightly more modern electronics. 

Cleans glass and chrome leaving a streak free shine.

 Removes tape goo and residue. 

We live in Canada, it also works as lock and window deicer and lube.

 One client swears by the stuff as a Dirty Ball Cleanser, He uses it on  everything from marbles to basketballs.

 Also Extremely Effective as a paper cut and hangnail locator

 Comes in a convenient 100ml pocket sized, Both child and damn near adult  proof bottle. 

Actual performance has not been tested in a real apocalypse, It has no  recommended use under these conditions other than to say use your best  judgement and deploy where appropriate. no guarantee can be made to  efficacy in resolving your apocalypse issue due to the unpredictable  circumstances involved in such an event. It's probably better than  nothing. Makes a great gift. 

. Porch drop off and S.S pickup options available. 

*Our Official Response*

*Our Official Response*

*Our Official Response*


 $4.25 Per 100ml bottle, $39.99/10,  $187.50/50

After Successfully Completing our Health Canada  License application we are proud to officially offer our 75% Isopropyl Hand Sanitizer by Joe Nitro

All  the great features of our original response now with Health Canada approval as a Sanitizer and a more informative label. 

NPN: 80098901

Available in Singles, Ten packs and Cases of 50

Call or text 780-905-7188 or email us at joenitro.ca@gmail.com

Check out our full adventure below


Our Adventure

The Birth Of Our Universal Solvent and the road to Our Official response

When we first noted the shortage of and subsequent call out for hand sanitizer it was something that fell right in our wheelhouse.  Having access to the reagents, bottles, labels etc plus a great place to set up an operation it seemed natural to ante up one of our new stock cold brew vessels, some space and some time not being social towards the enterprise of making a batch and doing some general good . 

Midweek We set out on a porch pickup mission gathering up the supplies to make a small initial run. Adhered to a standard recipe closely testing with an alchometer and following the production guide closely.  

On realizing  early the following saturday we needed approval for even a small batch to use,  donate, give away for promo use or sell when labelled "hand sanitizer" we set out to pull back the offering and rebrand.  . Not wanting to violate advertising standards or run afoul of regulators we decided to just offer the novelty item seen in our initial response  for its many other useful properties and at worst just sell through the first run that way. Contact with health canada the following monday however put us in touch  some helpful people  who advised that there was a very large need. So that considered. plus our access to more supplies prompted us to make the decision to pursue additional production.  They  got us on the road to licensed with  a list of links and application forms we hastily filled and filed followed by some patient pacing waiting for site and product licenses.  Which Leads us to proudly present  our official response 75% Isopropyl Hand Sanitizer by Joe Nitro.

We hope you at least enjoyed the lighthearted approach to the initial response. Sometimes you gotta laugh.

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